What's your theme?
This is where we shine and do what we do best.    What is your
theme, your passion what do you want that will make your
humidor very personal.  We have posted examples from the
hundreds of humidors we've made.  You will see we are not afraid
of detail.  

We don't use decals, silk screening or printing, we inlay each
color you see.  We use over 40 different species of wood.  We use
exotics, domestic and dyed woods to get the right color and

 We work with you to find the right theme or subject.  I'm not
going to bore you with a lot of talk here.   I think the images will
speak for themselves and tell you exactly what we do and maybe
give you an idea of what you would like to have on your one of a
kind humidor.  From the simple to the complex, we love a
Inlaid woods
Got the idea now?