What is your theme?  A family crest or corporate logo, a military insignia or your favorite team or school.  Whatever you have,
we can probably do it as a custom inlay in a heirloom quality humidor.

We have done hundreds of designs and themes from company logos to rock bands and simple monograms for a few.

What’s important is you get to custom design your own.  Each humidor is a limited edition of one unique piece of handcrafted
art that will last for years to come.

How does it work?
First step is to tell us what your theme or idea is. We will collaborate with you on the details.  If you have art or a sketch to
provide that is very helpful, if not, then we will help you create something.

We have several different woods to choose from. We also have choices of hardware, hinges, locks, and pulls.  If the humidor has
a drawer, we offer a selection of fabrics for a liner.

We use the Boveda humidification system which is the best available today.  We will show you the different options for racks to
provide the best air circulation and ways to monitor your humidor from your phone.

Once we have these points taken care of, we will provide a quote to handcraft your humidor. If you accept the price, on orders
under $1,000. we require payment in full.  Over $1,000. we require a 50% deposit and the balance when ready to ship.

Once the payment or deposit is made, we will produce the final art and provide you with a mock up.  This will allow you a
chance for changes, additions or subtractions.

Once you are happy with the art, we will create your humidor according to your requests.  Production time can take from 2 to 6
weeks depending on the amount of detail and size of the unit.

Since each humidor is handcrafted with pride, we offer the option to watch your humidor being made on Instagram.

Once complete, we will send you photos of the finished piece for a final approval.   At this point, if all is good, the balance is
required.   Then we will ship your unit to you and provide you with tracking information.

That’s all there is to it!  So what can we create together?
What is your theme or Idea